The Landolt Group works on both contingent and retained models depending on the level of the search and your requirements. Our business philosophy is in-line with today’s economic market.  We structure our fees to provide you with the level of service that’s right for you. We are flexible in how we work and will help you to find the most effective and efficient way to partner with us. We guarantee our results.

Search Fee and Guarantee

Our fees range between 18-25% of agreed upon compensation based on expectations and level.
Retained searches have a 6 month replacement guarantee.
Exclusive searches have a 6-month guarantee.
Non-exclusive searches have a 3-month guarantee.
Flat Fee when appropriate.

Volume Work

A special fee arrangement can be made for volume work.

Large Recruitment Projects

We design a fee structure to provide efficiencies of scale for you.


Sometimes a Full-Search Isn’t Required

Candidate Assessment of YOUR Shortlist

Have you ever wondered – is your short-list strong enough or do you need to go to market for a search? The Landolt Group will conduct comprehensive interviews with your internal and external short-listed candidates to benchmark skills, competencies and behavioural characteristics. We will provide you with a candidate assessment on each candidate and a comparative evaluation to give you the confidence in your choice to move forward with a search or not. If you engage and close the search through us, this assessment fee is waived.
Interview and Assessment: $500 per candidate OR $1000 3 candidates OR $1200 for 5 candidates.

Reference Checking

You have your own candidate but require references. The Landolt Group can conduct both Comprehensive Professional Reference Checks and Reputation Reference Checks to verify the candidate’s abilities. We will provide you with a written report to guide you in your hiring decisions.

Single Reference Check $ 300.
Complete Reference Check (set of 3) $ 750.

Exit Interviews

The Landolt Group will act as a 3rd-party resource to manage your Exit Interview process. As unbiased observers, it’s easier for the person to open up and share their true reasons for leaving, providing you with valuable information for the future.

The primary goal of an exit interview is to:

  • Learn the reasons for a person’s departure.
  • Uncover information that could improve your organization, working environment, management, processes and systems for the future.
  • Understand any underlying relationship issues that may have influenced the person’s choice to leave. (i.e. relationships with manager or co-workers.)
  • Provide you with some insights about what can be improved for the future.
  • $500 per exit interview.