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I’m going to share with you some little know secrets used by the experts in your industry that will help you to put the BEST YOU forward in your job interview.

When you follow these steps you will walk into your interview with confidence, peace of mind and a substantial increase your chances of getting that job.

In fact, not doing step #5 could put off potential hiring managers from hiring you.

So please read or listen to all of this and take action if you are serious about landing your dream role.

  1. Research the company and research the people who will be interviewing you.  Go on Google, LinkedIn, You Tube and Twitter.  Walk into the interview with some interesting things that will show you did your research.
  1. Look on LinkedIn to see if you know someone who works there.  Let them know that you are going in for an interview and ask for them to put in a good word for you. Also ask if there is anything you should know about the interviewer or interview process.
  1. Before the interview, send the interviewer an updated version of your resume.  Rework your resume to address examples that are relevant to the job description.
  1. Read and re-read the job description.  Go through every bullet of the duties and responsibilities and answer the questions:  “Tell me about a time when….” Or “Tell me about your experience with…” for each bullet point of the job description.  Typically almost all of the interviewer’s questions are based on the job description.
  1. Make sure that your examples and answers can be communicated within 2-3 minutes.  If you ramble on and on, the interviewer is more likely to tune out.
  1. Finally, take the time beforehand to put yourself in a champion’s mindset.  Arrive early.  Listen to music on your iPod.  Say to yourself “I’m putting the best Me forward.”

If you prepare like this you are already ahead of the competition.

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Anamaria Manna

“Shanna is much more than a recruiter – she is a trusted advisor. Shanna places me in a former role, in a related field, through her exceptional contacts and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and associated agency industry.  I would highly recommend Shanna to any prospective employer or anyone seeking a meaningful job change – she is highly professional, strategic and an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Anamaria MannaMarketing Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

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