Not Understanding Football Can Damage Your Job Search

Are you considering immigrating to Canada or the USA to work in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry? Did you know that not having a good understanding of Western athletics and certain sports in particular can have a negative impact on your job search?

Americans and Canadians LOVE many sports. In particular we follow football (American football not soccer).

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One of the BEST ways to prove that you have adapted to your new country culturally is to be able to have a conversation about the local sports team. North Americans frequently talk about sports to “break the ice” and create a relationship. It just makes us feel comfortable.

Most international candidates understandably don’t talk about sports at all but it is a huge disadvantage to them in their job search.

When an interviewer is meeting with an international candidate, they are looking to see how quickly they are acclimatising to this new culture. If you are able to have a short conversation about sports, the interviewer will make the assumption that you have integrated quickly and smoothly (even if you have immigrated very recently).

You don’t have to demonstrate thorough knowledge of the rule book, it can be as simple as saying “Did you see the Patriots play the Broncos last night?” And then make a comment about the game. (Hint) You can repeat almost any comment that one of the sports broadcasters mentioned in the post-game summary.

North Americans love sports so much so that sports idioms and metaphors are a part of everyday business language, especially in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Managers use sports references or examples frequently for team playing and leadership development.

Here are some of the most common Football expressions and examples of how they are used in business:

Kick off

  • Football Meaning: A football game starts when one team kicks the ball to the other team
  • Business Meaning: To Start
  • Example: “Alright, let’s kick off the meeting!”

Take the Ball and Run

  • Football Meaning: Get the ball and run as fast and far as you can
  • Business Meaning: To take ownership of a task and proceed with confidence
  • Example: “Why don’t you take the ball and run with it on this project.”

Run Interference

  • Football Meaning: To run interference in football means to block an opponent in order to give your team’s ball carrier an advantage
  • Business Meaning: To delay or distract someone to give more time or some other advantage.
  • Example: “If my client arrives, will you run interference for me until I’m off this phone call?”

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So, let’s make sure that you keep your eye on the ball in your job search!

Here’s to your success!