The Landolt Group takes a DIRECT-CONTACT recruitment approach. Networked search consultants are always within 2-degrees of the right person. The best person for the job is usually not looking for a move – they are recruited for their skills, expertise and emotional intelligence. We proactively head-hunt the best talent who will contribute and make a real, dynamic impact on your business and corporate culture.

Our Search Methodology

This process is adapted based on the search agreement and level of role being recruited for.


  • We take the time to meet in person with the HR contact and Boss/Manager to be fully briefed on the role
  • We get to know your business and cultural challenges
  • Understand where the business is at and where you want to be
  • What is the exact background you are looking for in an ideal candidate
  • How to “sell your organization”
  • How to market the person your new hire will report into as “The right boss”

Market Research:

  • We compile a list of companies to recruit this person from
  • Research of passive and active candidates
  • Leverage our database matching industries, companies and titles
  • Use of social media tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Job Boards and website
  • Targeted e-mailing

Our Interview Process:

  • Telephone screening
  • Resume review
  • We take the time to meet face-to-face with each candidate before we present them to you
  • Competency based assessment combined with a behavioural interview
  • We design each interview to be specific to the criteria of each job
  • Each candidate for your role goes through the same interview process
  • Psychometric Assessment (if requested)
  • 2-week benchmarking
  • 4-week shortlist

Short-List Presentation:

  • We present an assessment of each candidate including motivating factors, skill-set, fit, current compensation and financial expectations

Your Interview Process:

  • We will design and facilitate your interview if requested
  • Host and facilitate panel interviews
  • Interviews at our office or your office
  • Formal debrief for each candidate


  • Regular status updates on how the search is going (formal written updates or over e-mail/phone as preferred)

Reference Checks

  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Credit, Criminal and Education checks if requested

Offer Presentation

  • Step-by-step coaching the candidate through the verbal and written acceptance of your offer
  • Counselling you on what the right offer is to close this candidate

Resignation/Counter-Offer Coaching

  • We walk the candidate through the resignation process and how to leave their job professionally
  • Counter-offer coaching – before it ever happens


  • Market debrief


  • Recommendations on best practices in Onboarding
  • Day-1 follow up, 60-day follow up, 100-day follow up