Why You MUST get a local phone number before you immigrate to Canada or the USA

I work as a recruiter specializing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Every day I get resumes from international candidates who want to relocate to Canada or the USA to work in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

Here is the truth.

A recruiter will almost never call an international phone number. They will make assumptions like:

  • Your visa details aren’t worked out.
  • You don’t understand the nuances of the culture here in North America.
  • It will take months for you to actually be able to start the job. Most recruiters don’t get paid until you actually start your job. Therefore, it is in their personal interest to hire someone who is already local and doesn’t have to immigrate.

Another reason a recruiter won’t call you is the simple concern of not knowing the time difference and not wanting to wake you or your family up in the middle of the night.

If you want to remove the barriers to having a recruiter or hiring manager call you about a job, the solution is simple.

Get a local phone number.

Specifically, get a phone number that has the same area code as the geographic area where you want to work. For example if you want to work in Toronto, Canada get a 647 or 416 area code. If you want to work in Boston get a 617 or 857 area code.

Local numbers are important. Recruiters consider things like how far a commute is for you. Having the right area code on the phone number on your resume removes this concern and potential barrier.

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Here’s to your success!